Bicycle Information

From the Associate Director

Transportation services is committed to promoting a bike friendly campus. We want to make it as convenient and safe as possible to ride your bike and park it securely. There are areas on campus that  bike riders share the  pathways with pedestrians and it is necessary  to exercise caution in these areas. While we do not want to “over regulate” the use of bikes on campus, using “common sense” and abiding by the guidelines is necessary.  Please explore our links and resources and feel free to let us know your thoughts on our programs.

Protect Your Bike!

  • The UNT Police Department is now using for property identification. Click here for more information
  • Make sure to secure bicycle to a bicycle rack.
  • A U-lock is recommended to secure your bicycle to a rack.
  • Replace quick release levers with a washer and nut. This will necessitate a thief needing more time to tamper with your property.
  • If quick release is used, make sure and take parts with you.