Meter Rate

Meter rate across campus: $1 per hour

Meter Cards

All of the parking meters on the UNT campus are electronic parking meters using digital technology. This allows the use of parking meter ‘debit’ cards. Most of the meters on campus now accept meter cards except the following areas: Avenue A, Mulberry Street, Hickory Street, and Fry Street.
These cards are sold in the Parking Office during their posted hours in any denomination between $5.00 and $100.00. There are several advantages to you in using these meter cards.

  1. No coins to carry around or lose
  2. You are able to put more time in than you need and get a refund for unused time.
  3. You only pay for the time you are parked
  4. By paying for more time than you think you will need and then getting a refund for unused time, there is no longer a reason why you should receive a parking citation for an expired meter!