UNT Announcement: UNT Transportation Services rolls out new parking permits, other changes


Aug. 2, 2016
Dear students,
Transportation Services, in consultation with the new Transportation Advisory Committee and university leaders, is taking steps to address four main strategic goals to help with the UNT community's parking and transportation experiences.
These goals are:

  • Improve communications
  • Reduce citations
  • Incorporate technology to help with the management of parking information
  • Provide additional parking options to the UNT community

In response to concerns about parking on campus, big changes are coming.
UNT Transportation Services is implementing new parking plans for the 2016-17 school year. The most noticeable changes will be to the parking permits and lots across campus, which have been changed to allow commuters closer access to campus.
To curb overcrowding in parking lots, a limited number of parking permits will be sold. Transportation Services encourages students to use UNT Shuttle Service and DCTA Connect to assist with transportation needs. Students may purchase permits online using the UNT Parking Portal starting Aug. 12 (Friday).
A new simplified parking permit system
Starting this fall, three new permits the Eagle Annual permit, the Eagle Fall permit and the Remote permit will replace General Commuter ("G") and Premium Commuter ("P") permits.

  • Eagle Annual permit is $250 and provides parking for upperclassmen living in residence halls or for students who commute to and from campus.
  • The Eagle Fall permit is $175 and also provides parking for upperclassmen living in residence halls or for students who commute to and from campus but is a lower cost because it is only for the fall semester.
  • The Remote permit is $125 and is available to all students who want a lower cost option. This permit provides parking in Lot 80 near Victory Hall. UNT Shuttle Service will be provided to that lot.

Changes will also affect students who live on campus.

  • Resident, or "R" permits, will only be available for new freshmen living on campus for the first time. "R" permits cost $250 for the year.
  • Students living on campus can also purchase Resident Garage permits to park in the Highland Street Garage. These permits cost $450 and come with an access card to provide 24/7 access to the garage.

Those who have a North Texas Toll tag can also gain access to parking in the Highland Street Garage. Contact UNT Transportation Services for more details.
Changes to parking lots
Also starting this fall, lots dedicated to certain kinds of permits are changing.

  • Eagle permit holders will have access that is closer to campus facilities the parking lots will be in the heart of campus near residence halls.
  • Several current "R" lots which are close to the center of campus will be converted to Eagle permit lots. The new "R" lots are:
    • Lot 20 (Fouts Field)
    • Lot 19 (on either side of Santa Fe Hall)
    • Lots 80, 81 and 85 (on the east side of Victory Hall)
  • Lot 40 (behind Greek Life Center) will be closed to prepare for future property development.
  • Lot 25, at the corner of Avenue C and Highland Street by Crumley Hall, will be converted to a visitor lot to help the parking experience for those who wish to visit the UNT campus.

Safety and security
Since safety is a top priority at UNT, cameras will be placed in the outer parking lots at Fouts Field and near Victory Hall. In addition, the late night eRide program will have regular route service and an on-demand service.
For additional questions or to see the shuttle bus routes that connect to campus, call 940-565-3020, visit the Transportation Services website or connect with the department on Twitter @UNTTransit.