Welcome to Parking Services

Parking is merely one component of creating a balanced and integrated program of transportation options which best meet the needs of the University of North Texas. Our mission is "education" - not "parking." Our goal, as stated in the University's Master Plan, is "to provide integrated transportation and parking demand strategies for the campus which coordinates pedestrian, bicycle, transit, vehicular circulation and parking."

What does this mean to you and me?

As we move forward, the plan indicates that we will...

  • Improve the overall pedestrian circulation network and coordinate the network with campus bicycle routes and the transit system
  • Provide safe bicycle routes within the campus and coordinate those routes with the City of Denton’s bicycle routes and master plan
  • Provide user-friendly alternative transportation options to the university community that lead to a reduction in the need for single-occupancy vehicle trips.
  • Work to reduce the overall demand for parking through alternative transportation options and transportation demand management strategies for all user groups.
  • Gradually relocate parking to the campus perimeter from the campus core to reflect the reality that close-in parking is not the highest and best use for valuable land in the campus core.
  • Develop appropriate perimeter and remote parking sites and structures which link to other campus transportation options.


The primary goals of the Parking Services Department at the University of North Texas are:

  • To serve the community by providing outstanding customer service in support of the overall objectives of the University of North Texas;
  • To reduce traffic congestion and improve pedestrian safety through the sale of permits, fair and consistent application of the Parking Regulations, the promotion of our transportation system, and
  • To have parking options available for our students, staff, faculty, and visitors that meet the needs of our community.