Parking Changes for 2012

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Shuttle Route Updates

Effective Fall 2012, UNT Shuttle Services will begin using new buses that are wider, longer, and taller than the old buses. Due to maneuverability issues and the construction/expansion of the new Student Union, UNT Shuttle buses will no longer use Union Circle as their main campus stop. The routes and schedules are under revision and they will be posted on or before August 20, 2012. All areas served by a UNT Shuttle will continue to be served. The Grove apartment community has been added to the Centre Place route. The Campus Cruiser route will now begin with an 8:30am departure from Victory Hall on Saturday and Sunday. Beginning on August 20, 2012, DCTA’s A-train will offer mid-day service. Click here for the new routes.

New Permit Options

PTS is proud to offer an Evening permit for $3. This is a scratch-off permit that is valid for one evening from 3:00pm to 11:00pm in all General (“G”) parking zones and all Premium (“P”) parking zones. You can buy as many as you want at one time and keep them on hand for when you need them. Just scratch off the month, day and year and you’re ready to go. We will also offer a one-day “D” permit for faculty and staff for $5. If you’re only on campus one or two days a week or just one semester and you don’t want to purchase an annual permit, get “D” parking one day at a time.

Parking Changes

There have been changes regarding campus parking. The parking meters have been removed from Lots 38, 51, and 52. These have become “P” Premium commuter lots. Those with valid meter cards can exchange their cards for garage parking at the rate of $2.00 per hour or apply their balance toward the purchase of a permit. Lot 4 will be an “A” Reserved lot, though “A” permit holders will not be assigned a specific space. They will able to park in any of the “reserved” spaces. The lot will continue to contain some Accessible spaces and service spaces, though the visitor spaces will be moved to Chestnut Street. Lot 5 will now contain “D” Faculty/Staff spaces as well as Student Wellness/Career Center spaces. Lot 24 will no longer contain “R” Resident spaces. These have been replaced by “A” spaces, visitor spaces and 1 hour meters.

More Parking Changes

The on-street parking on Highland Street will be removed between Avenue C and Welch Street. This is due to pending infrastructure repairs by the city of Denton, but mostly safety concerns. Additional buses will be using this street and the area has seen significant increases in both pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Additional “D” Faculty/Staff space has been created in lots 9, 26, 50, and 5. (Lot 6 is renamed Lot 8 and is Reserved “A” parking. Lot 8/9 is renamed just Lot 9 and is “D” parking. There is no longer a Lot 6.)

Changes To Student Payments

Parking fines will no longer be transferred to Student Accounting. Anyone accumulating three or more outstanding citations is subject to having his or her vehicle impounded or immobilized and the outstanding balance will have to be paid to get the vehicle back. DO NOT let outstanding citations pile up! Citations will now begin accruing late fees after fifteen calendar days, rather than the previous ten. Appeals must still be filed within ten calendar days.


The UNT campus will see significant construction projects over the next few years. Parking and transportation on campus will inevitably continue to be affected. Our goal is to efficiently manage the University’s parking and transportation resources. As these resources are affected by the physical changes to the campus, we will attempt to communicate any changes in a clear and timely manner and minimize any disruptions to the campus community.