Additional Services/Options

Lot Monitor -We provide special staffing for your guests in order to make your event more successful. Lot Monitors are required for events with 100 vehicles or more. Lot monitors are responsible for the following, including but limited to: blocking off parking spaces, opening spaces as your guests arrive, ensuring that your guests are aware of our parking rules and regulations, assisting your guests with entering coupon codes at our smart meters, and directing your guests to the correct building

You can choose to reserve one of our Lot Monitors for your smaller event but there is a 4 hour minimum per monitor.

Shuttle Bus Service- This service is available for those events that choose our remote parking option. There is an additional fee for this service that is not included in the remote parking price and there is a 2 hour minimum for each shuttle bus.

Package Pricing- Please note that we offer discount pricing for bundling different options for your event.