"A" Faculty and Staff Permit (Green Permit)


“A” Reserved permits may only be purchased by full-time faculty and staff members. Faculty and staff on  sabbatical are also eligible for these permits if they purchase the permit for the duration of the sabbatical; these customers will be moved to the bottom of the corresponding waiting list if they do not purchase a permit for the duration of their sabbatical.

"A" Reserved permit holders may park their vehicle in their designated space or lot, or any "FS” or “Eagle” space. The subleasing of "A" reserved parking spaces is prohibited. Enforcement periods and parking zone privileges for "A" spaces are indicated in Appendix A. Reserved “A” spaces and lots are enforced 7:00am to 5:30pm, Monday – Friday when the University is open.

Vehicles parked in a reserved parking lot or space without the appropriate permit are subject to being cited, impounded, or immobilized immediately. After 5:30pm, unauthorized vehicles will be towed. The towing fee is issued as a separate citation. The fees can be found in Appendix C - .