Garage Information

  • Union Circle Garage 

Located at Welch and Union Circle by the University Union

1155 Union Circle, Denton TX, 76203

Hourly parking is available at Union Circle Garage (UCG). UCG is a credit card only garage. NO CASH accepted. See rates below.

  • Union Circle Garage Hourly Rates

Union Circle Garage is a Parkmobile garage. No Cash accepted.

$2.25 per hour

Time/charge starts once a ticket is issued

Daily Max $18.00

Garage contracts are not available for Union Circle Garage.


  • Highland Street Garage 

Located at Ave A and Highland Street by the new Business Leadership Building. 620 Central Ave, Denton TX, 76201

Highland Street Garage is now open to hourly parking. See rates below. Cash or credit card is accepted.

  • Highland Street Garage Hourly Rates

Customers may park hourly. Faculty/Staff and Students also have the option of purchasing a garage access card. A garage contract (access card) is only valid at the Highland Street Garage.

Faculty/Staff - Payroll Deduction is available for annual contracts only.

All garage access card requests will be completed online. Permits and garage access card sales begin August 1, 2017. Existing customers are encouraged to log in prior to August 1st to update all vehicle and contact information.

Click here to purchase.

 Highland Street Garage accepts cash or credit

$2.00 per hour

Time/charge starts once a ticket is issued

Daily Max $16.00

Lost Ticket $16.00

  • Garage Access Card Rates

Full Year:  $650.00

Semester:  $350.00 per semester

Summer: $200.00

Reserved: $1,200 per year


  • Important Garage Information

Parking Garage Use and Availability: Garage Access Cards (as indicated on card) are valid only on the 2nd through 7th Floors. 1st Floor Reserved Annual Cards are valid on the first floor with an assigned numbered space.

Parking garages at the University of North Texas are closed during University holidays and are repurposed during campus-wide special events. Garages may also be repurposed in the event of emergency or for maintenance. Parking & Transportation Services cannot guarantee that parking garage spaces will be available at all times. Notice will be issued via e-mail before any scheduled holiday or event. Please verify with the Parking & Transportation office that your contact information is up to date.

Replacement of Garage Access Cards: There is a $25.00 fee to replace a lost/missing/stolen access card.

Sharing Garage Access Cards: Sharing of a garage access card (Pass-Back) is PROHIBITED and is considered Theft of Service in the State of Texas. If a Pass-Back action is detected, the system will automatically terminate your access card and your parking privileges will be revoked. No refund will be issued.

  1. Visitors that are not able to pay will be issued a citation and charged the maximum daily rate.
  2. There are no in and out privileges without an access card
  3. Lost tickets will be charged the daily maximum
  4. Semester and annual parking is available via access card only. Access cards are available from the Parking Office. Access card registration is available through the link on the top right of this page.
  5. Department validations are accepted only with prior approval from the Parking Office
  6. No storage of vehicles is allowed
  7. No repairing of vehicles (including changing oil) is allowed in the garage
  8. No open flames are allowed within the parking structure.
  9. No Motorcycles
  10. No Checks
  11. No Bills over $20 
  • Metered Parking Information 

Meter rates across campus: $2.25 per hour in select areas using Parkmobile or digital smart meter. Meters no longer accept coins, please download the Parkmobile app.