Why do we need to increase parking permit rates?

Our costs to provide and operate our parking program have increased significantly:

·         Asphalt for repaving – on average increased 74% with significant expected increases as oil prices continue to rise in the marketplace

·         Cement for concrete paving – on average increased 160% with additional increases expected in the short term

·         Labor and Benefit Costs – increased an average of 26%

·         Surface Lot parking spaces – costs generally range from $2,000 - $6,000 per space to construct

·         Parking Garage spaces – costs generally range from $12,000 - $20,000 per space to construct

Priorities and progress towards the UNT Master Plan -  As we move into the future, our UNT Master Plan directs us to continue developing our academic and institutional facilities in such a manner that we’ll be required to build new parking lots located on the South side of campus. Each new lot will range between $3M and $5M. Because garages and structures are extremely expensive to build and operate, the Master Plan encourages significant growth and support of other transportation options; such as shuttle buses, bicycles, carpools, vanpools, the proposed DCTA rail system, etc. to help us continue to reduce the need for individually operated motor vehicles on campus.