Important Information for Students and Parents

10.3.1 Process

A vehicle may be immobilized or impounded for any of the following reasons:

• Accumulating three or more past due citations,

• Displaying a permit reported lost or stolen,

• Displaying a permit which has been altered or replicated,

• Parking in lots designated for special events,

• Failing to have any visible identifying numbers (VIN number, License plate)

• Flagrant violation of UNT parking regulations, or

• Any other reason authorized by law.

If the driver or owner of the vehicle arrives after the immobilization or impoundment process has begun, the process will be completed and fee applied. University Community Service Officers or Police Officers cannot accept payment to prevent or stop this process. The vehicle driver or owner must go to the Transportation Services office to resolve all outstanding debt for the vehicle to be released. Impounded vehicles are released through Transportation Services during normal business hours and through UNT Police Communications outside of normal business hours.

10.3.2 Liability

UNT is not responsible for any damage to a vehicle during immobilization, impound, relocation, or storage.

10.3.3 Fees

A scofflaw or towing fee, in addition to any citation fine, is charged to the permit holder or registered owner of the vehicle. Payment in full of all outstanding citation fines, scofflaw fees, and tow fees is required prior to release of the vehicle. Should the vehicle not be claimed or the fines/fees are not paid in full the vehicle may be disposed of in accordance with State law. See Appendix C - for current fees.

10.3.4 Restrictions

Any unauthorized tampering or removal of an immobilization device may result in criminal prosecution.


11.4.1 Procedures

All individuals believing a parking citation was issued in error may appeal the citation. Citation appeals must be filed within 15 calendar days of the date the citation is issued. Citation appeals are filed online at (guest accounts can be created). Appeals cannot be submitted following the 15th day after issuance. Citation appeals will be reviewed by an Appeals Officer. The Appeals Officer will make a determination consistent with these regulations. The Appeals Officer’s determination is final. No further action may be taken.

11.4.2 Restrictions

The parking appeals process applies to UNT parking violations only. City parking and traffic citations must be cleared through the Municipal Court of the City of Denton, Texas, on or before the time and date stated on the citation. Citations resulting in vehicle impoundment may be appealed through the normal appeal process but must be paid before the vehicle is released.


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