UPDATE: Read more about Parkmobile on the official UNT Press Release here

Effective December 15, 2016, coin operated meters will not be available on UNT main campus or Discover Park.

'Parkmobile' is UNT's newest approach to easing the process of parking on campus! With this application students, faculty, staff and visitors will have the opportunity to pay for their parking spot wirelessly! Create your profile, define your payment method, choose your location, define how long you want to pay for and done! Register today!

Check out these helpful demos on how the system works here for iPhone or here for Android!

Need support on the go? Print out one of Parkmobile's handy wallet cards for support on the go!

UNT Campus Rates:

$2.25 per hour with a one hour minimum purchase $.35 Parkmobile service fee (fee added at end of transaction) Extend parking time in 12 minute increments at $.45 each additional increment. No refunds.

Where can I use Parkmobile?

  • Lot 5 (parkmobile)
  • Mixed use - Lot 7 (eagle permit or parkmobile required)
  • Lot 16 (parkmobile)
  • Mixed use - Lot 20 (eagle permit or parkmobile required)
  • Mixed use - Lot 25 (parkmobile or smart meter required)
  • Mixed use - Lot 54 (eagle permit/parkmobile/smart meter required)
  • Mixed use - Lot 55 (eagle permit/parkmobile/smart meter required)
  • Discovery Park meters (parkmobile only -no coins)
  • Main campus meters (parkmobile only - no coins)
  • Union Circle Garage (parkmobile only/smart meter required) 


Zip Car

A new car rental service is now available on campus.

Sign up today! Click here for more information

Where are the Zip Cars located?

  • Highland Street in front of Crumley Hall
  • Union Circle Garage (lot 49 behind bus stop)

For more videos on Zipcar visit:

Important Information for Faculty and Staff

1. Will I need a permit to park on campus?

Yes, we are a 24/7 permit enforced campus. New faculty and staff members will need to purchase a permit from the Transportation Services Office. Permit options for faculty and staff include:


“A” Reserved permits may only be purchased by full-time faculty and staff members. Faculty and staff on  sabbatical are also eligible for these permits if they purchase the permit for the duration of the sabbatical; these customers will be moved to the bottom of the corresponding waiting list if they do not purchase a permit for the duration of their sabbatical.

"A" Reserved permit holders may park their vehicle in their designated space or lot, or any "FS” or “Eagle” space. The subleasing of "A" reserved parking spaces is prohibited. Enforcement periods and parking zone privileges for "A" spaces are indicated in Appendix A. Reserved “A” spaces and lots are enforced 7:00am to 5:30pm, Monday – Friday when the University is open.

Vehicles parked in a reserved parking lot or space without the appropriate permit are subject to being cited, impounded, or immobilized immediately. After 5:30pm, unauthorized vehicles will be towed. The towing fee is issued as a separate citation. The fees can be found in Appendix C - .

This permit is for faculty and staff members and non-UNT employees working on campus in support of UNT operations. Enforcement periods and parking zone privileges for “FS” lots and spaces are indicated in Appendix A - .

• “TF”, “A”, “HD”, Visitor, and specialty permits indicating “FS” spaces are honored in “FS” spaces.

• “FS” spaces located within the resident parking areas are enforced 24/7 and are identified by signs.

This permit is sold by the semester to Teaching Fellows. Each department will need to provide a list of current Teaching Fellows to Transportation Services for verification. If your name is not on the department list, this permit will not be available to you.

• “TF” permits are honored in all “FS”, and “Eagle” spaces at any time.

This permit is sold to Hall Directors and their spouses only. These spaces are reserved 24/7.

• “HD” permits are honored in all “HD”, “R” and “FS” spaces.

This is a complimentary permit for retirees of the University who occasionally visit campus. Occasionally is defined as a maximum of five days per month.

• This permit may not to be used while working or attending class.

• This permit is honored in all spaces zoned “FS”, “Eagle”, and visitor spaces across campus.

• If a UNT Retiree returns to UNT to perform compensated employment activities, the “HF” permit is invalid and an appropriate permit must be purchased.

2. Who is eligible for payroll deduction?

Only full-time faculty and staff members are eligible for payroll deduction. Part-time faculty and staff members will need to pay the full permit cost upon purchase.

3. What information will I need to purchase a permit?

To purchase any of our faculty and staff permits, you must be listed in our system as a faculty & staff member. This requires your employer to update your status in the university’s system. If your employer hasn’t updated your status in the system yet, you will need to bring your offer letter with you for verification of employment. Individuals wanting to purchase a permit will also need to bring their drivers license and know their license plate number for our records.