Welcome to Transportation Services

UNT Shuttle

In order to support the mission of the University of North Texas, Transportation Services has adopted the following goals:

  • Improve the overall pedestrian circulation network and coordinate the network with campus bicycle routes and the transit system
  • Provide safe bicycle routes within the campus and coordinate those routes with the City of Denton's bicycle routes and master plan
  • Provide user-friendly alternative transportation options to the university community that lead to a reduction in the need for single-occupancy vehicle trips.
  • Work to reduce the overall demand for parking through alternative transportation options and transportation demand management strategies for all user groups.

Services Include:

  • The UNT Shuttle which serves the campus and off campus student oriented housing
  • Ridesharing through a web based rider connection program
  • Access to local bus service by presenting a valid UNT ID
  • Access to the Denton County Transportation Authority A-Train service with service to Dallas and Lewisville
  • E-ride late night on demand service for students serving the main, Eagle point and Discovery Park campuses.
  • Free parking for bicycles