Frequently Asked Questions

Parking FAQs

I can’t find parking anywhere – I hear you oversell lots. How am I supposed to find parking?
Each year, we have hundreds of open spaces in Lot 20 (formerly Fouts Field). We highly recommend that as a backup parking lot if you find the lot you prefer to use is full. While we do sell slightly more parking permits that we have spaces, please note that not all community members are using the parking lots at the same times. For example, there are evening faculty and staff who only use lots after 5 pm. We also see increased parking lot usage on Tuesdays and Thursdays – but even on our busiest days we still have plenty of parking available in Lot 20. If you need assistance to campus from Lot 20, Mean Green buses regularly run routes around campus and are ADA accessible.
I’m moving into/moving out of a residence hall – where should I park to unload/load my items?
You may see cars parking just outside of the residence halls in fire lanes. We don’t recommend that as it is unsafe and can cause an issue should there be a need for an emergency vehicle. Typically, all parking lots next to a residence hall – with the exception of “A” (green) and “RR” (orange and black striped) parking lots – are open during move in weekend. If you need to move in or move out earlier than the designated weekends, please call our office to make arrangements. Call us at 940-565-3020.
I have a rental car/am using another car – how do I transfer my parking permit so I don’t get a citation?
UNT parking permits are made of a cling material rather than a permanent sticky material. That way, you can easily switch them between cars. Please be sure that the license plates of all cars you use are registered in your account through the Parking Portal. Please remember that there is no sharing of permits – one permit per person.
I ordered my permit nearly a month ago and it hasn’t come yet – what do I do?
For those who order their permits prior to July for the following fall semester, our permit service doesn’t begin shipping permits until mid- to late-July. If you haven’t received your permit by August, please let us know at (940) 565-3020. You may have to come into our office to receive a new permit.
For those who are ordering permits for immediate use or in August for the fall semester, you will have an option to print a temporary parking permit (PDF) in your Parking Portal account. This is typically valid for up to 30 days. If you do not receive your permit after 15 days, please call us or visit our office on the first floor of the Highland Street Garage.
I logged onto the Parking Portal but I cannot buy a permit/cannot buy the permit I want – what do I do?
Please call us at (940) 565-3020, email us at or visit our office from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. In some instances we may need to connect your account to the proper authorization that allows you to buy a specific permit.
Where does my permit or citation money go?
The major uses of parking funds include parking lot construction and maintenance. In 2018 and in 2019, new parking lots were built. In 2011, the Highland Street Garage was constructed. Funds we receive help pay of the debt on those assets. Funds are also used for our staffing and operations.

Transportation FAQs

I’m worried about using the buses – how can I learn more about them?
We recommend starting with our explainer of bus route maps and the service schedule on the Campus Transit page. Please note that times listed on the schedule are departure times. Please feel free to chat with Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) bus drivers when using the bus so they can help you prepare for your stop. It’s also a good idea to connect with us and with other students who ride the bus if you have specific questions. Call us at (940) 565-3020 or email us at
I missed my bus/the bus passed me by – how can I get better service?
We highly recommend you download the Transit app. This is the app used by DCTA buses that tracks their whereabouts so that you know when the bus is getting closer. Please be aware that at certain times of the year – such as the first two weeks of school – and on certain days – namely, Tuesday and Thursday – we see an increased ridership. If a bus is full, they might pass you by. We suggest preparing to catch an earlier bus to avoid this from happening. If you feel a bus has passed you by unfairly or if the service is not what you expect, please fill out a DCTA GoRequest. This will connect you directly with a DCTA representative that will look into your concern and get back to you.
How can you afford to let students ride the buses for free?
Students actually pay for this service – so we encourage you to use it! The Transportation Fee was started in 2003 to support bus service for students since many apartments were expanding out of the immediate UNT area. In order to alleviate parking traffic and give our students safe and reliable transit, UNT implemented the fee to support transportation to and from campus. Your Transportation Fee supports bus service on UNT campus routes and allows students to ride Denton city buses for free by showing their UNT student ID.