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Mobile Bike Shop is a non-profitable entity partnered between "UNT Transportation Services" & "We Mean Green Fund".

Bike Calendar

Looking forward to seeing you next fall! Wishing you a wonderful summer!!

Bike Safety tips

  • Ride with the flow of traffic.
  • Obey all traffic laws.
  • Use a helmet and safety gear.
  • Wear neon or bright colors-they help with visibility during day, too.
  • Alert pedestrians that you're about to pass by saying "Excuse me" or "Passing on your left/right."
  • Watch for vehicles turning out of driveways or opening doors.
  • Riders of skill levels are welcomeWe attend local rides and collegiate races across the state

  • Opportunities to race road mountain bikes

  • All dues paying members receive lodging and race entries at collegiate races

  • Dues are $50 per school year 

UNT Cycling Website

Bicycle Theft Prevention

Through a partnership with the We Mean Green Fund our department offers free U-locks to students who allow us to engrave their bicycles with their state or other ID number. This initiative helps deter theft of bikes by providing a sturdy bicycle lock. It also allows our department to get a stolen bike back to the proper owner if it is recovered because we can track the owner through the engraved ID on the bike.
The initiative launched at EarthFest in 2016 when we engraved more than 100 bicycles. Since that time, we have engraved thousands of bikes and given out free U-locks to help protect them.
This project also aims to create a safer, friendlier campus atmosphere that encourages a “green” lifestyle for the entire UNT community. As people shift their mode of transportation from cars to bikes as a result of feeling safe biking on campus, UNT hopes to impact improved local air quality with fewer vehicle emissions.
Students who would like to participate in this initiative can bring their UNT ID, state issued ID, and bike to UNT PD located at 1700 Wilshire, across from Mozart Hall. For any questions you can contact the UNT Police Department's non-emergency phone 940-565-3000, visit the PD or contact our Community Relations officer, Cpl. David Causey at